What is the order of ordering Decorative Painting?

  • Free consultations in your home or business.
  • After your consultation, you will receive a written estimate with recommendations for decorative painting and color selections.
  • Once the project is approved 50% down payment is required to secure a spot on the schedule.
  • Upon receipt of down payment, we provide samples of the finish and/or¬†sketches for the murals. These are free with job but should the job be canceled there is a $50 fee for materials and time for each set of sample boards. Boards are 1 foot square and should be looked at in different lights and in different parts of the room.
  • Upon completion of the work we will leave labeled cans with your paint & glaze colors.
  • You will be billed for the final total upon completion of the work and we expect payment within 10 days.
  • We charge 25% of total estimate for any jobs cancelled or postponed without 10 days notice.¬†

When should I schedule faux finishing?

  • When working on a major renovations or new construction we should always be the last work people scheduled. This prevents damage to the finishes will other work is being done. We also require running water, electricity, heat and restroom facilities on site.

What about outlet covers, switch plates and registers?

  • We can paint outlet covers, switch plates, vents and registers to match walls, wood, stone, tile or anything else you might have. We need to know in advance if you want this done as it does take some time to do.

What exactly are Faux Finishes?

  • Most all the faux finishes require both a base coat (solid, rolled on color) and a faux finish over that. We price them separately so you can use another painter to do the base coats or do them yourself. It is easy to have us do them so everything is done quickly and with no confusion about the details and quality of the base coat but we are not at all offended if you opt for someone else.

What is glaze?

  • Glaze is nothing but a clear medium. When mixed with tint or paint and applied over a contrasting color it allows an artist to create any number of effects by allowing the base coat color to be seen through the glaze color.

Are Faux Finishes durable?

  • Faux Finishes are easily touched up and can last for years and years. They are just as durable as regular eggshell finish latex wall paint which can be cleaned with soft sponge and mild soapy water. They can also be sealed to provide maximum protection.